As a product, the GPS combines Abelson Odds’ pricing expertise with Abelson Info's data to provide a complete goalscorer solution. All selection data - both pre-match pricing and settlement info - is available via a single API call, allowing for easy integration into any Sportsbook. For the majority of games, resulting is provided using a live feed allowing complete settlement of a market within 2 minutes of a goal being scored and quick re-cycling of customer funds. Abelson Odds’ team have been leading industry suppliers of goalscorer prices for over a decade and the team is widely regarded as the best in the business. Our accuracy and attention to detail is unsurpassed and this combined with Abelson Info’s pinpoint and speedy settlement make this a superb addition to any sportsbook.

The information below is a brief summary of the API service offered. A full API specification can be found at


Data is provided in JSON format and delivered via HTTP.


Access to the API is restricted by IP address. Please contact to arrange for access to be enabled from your IP address. Each customer will also be issued with an API token which you must provide as part of the URL when making requests.


All requests to the API should be GET requests. Using POST or any other request type will return a response with a 404 (Not Found) status code. Successful requests will return a response with a status code in the 200 range.


You can perform up to 300 requests per minute from the same IP address. If you exceed this limit, you'll get a response with a 503 status code on subsequent requests made in the same minute.

The rate limit has been put in place to make sure we're able to deliver a consistent and reliable service to all customers. In practice, if you're using the API correctly, it's extremely unlikely you will ever reach this limit.


All API traffic is served over SSL. If a non-SSL request is made to a valid API URL, the server will respond with a 301 (permanent redirect) status code. The Location header in the response will contain the equivalent https URL.



The next market service provides you with a feed of markets. Every time that a market or one or more of it's selections is created or updated, that market is added to the feed. Using this service means that you will recieve new markets and updates to existing markets quickly and efficiently.


The market lookup service is provided mainly for diagnostic purposes. It provides exactly the same data available via the next market service, but allows you to look up a specific market by ID.


The match lookup service displays detailed information on a given match. You must be subscribed to the competition the match is played in.