Betting Business - July 2015

Super Soccer Oddsfeed seizes opportunities for expansion

Ever-improving world sports coverage and public familiarity with players are gradually stoking the appetite for goalscorers, and Super Soccer Oddsfeed’s Jeevan Jeyaratnam is pushing forward in the as-yet untapped European market.

The past twelve months have seen rapid developments to Super Soccer Oddsfeed and Abelson Info’s Goalscorer, Prices and Settlement (GPS) product, with the new, revamped offering upping the number of markets and expanding to include coverage of the Australian A-League, Dutch Eredivisie and Russian Premier League.

“We revised the core algorithm to allow us to offer far more markets than we were currently offering,” explained Jeevan Jeyaratnam, Oddsfeed’s senior manager. “We now offer 18 individual player markets, and we can also offer prices with or without margin. That’s particularly useful for overseas clients who are in different tax jurisdictions and need to work out where the margins are.”

The GPS developments, many of which came at the request of clients, reflects shifting trends in betting habits internationally. As player-familiarity develops among the public, so does the interest in goalscorer markets – and with an ever widening range of football leagues broadcast on sports channels, opportunities are rife to push into Europe and beyond.

“Europe tends to lag slightly behind the UK, so although it’s starting to pick up, there’s still a massive untapped market out there in terms of goal scorer product,” said Jeyaratnam. “Don’t forget that foremost leagues in France, Spain and Germany are broadcast all over the world so people are familiar with the players. Once they’re shown they can bet on the players to score the appetite will be there – and the benefit for bookmakers is a pretty decent margin of profit.”

The potential for reeling in significant profits has not been ignored by governments, with Portugal and Denmark already seeking to improve their own finances on the back of the thriving betting markets. According to Jeyaratnam, “it’s all to do with governments realising that there is a big revenue stream that can come from betting, which hasn’t really happened before”.

But for Super Soccer Oddsfeed and Abelson Info, the priority is making sure its innovative GPS System is always a step ahead, providing pre-match pricing and rapid “as-live” resulting of the games its clients want to offer.

“World coverage has improved a lot in the UK. BT Sport covers every single match in the Australian A-league, so we suddenly started getting requests for us to expand our product in line with that,” he added. “This season they’ve started covering the Swiss league, which is something we don’t currently do – so I’m waiting for some requests for that now.”

The rate of GPS requests from clients demonstrates just how much these goalscorer markets have gathered momentum, with TV coverage – and even videogames – creating a culture of interest in individual players.

Jeyaratnam said: “The detail and level of information on every single player in a game like ‘FIFA’ is immense, so there’s a big crossover between playing on a videogame and choosing to place a bet on someone. People will identify with a player they’ve perhaps not heard of before but who they’ve been playing as. It’s great news for us because it’s at that level that we’re looking to make in-roads.”

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