Betting Business Q&A - March 2014

Super Soccer Oddsfeed / Abelson Info- Goalscorer Prices & Settlement (GPS) system

Q1. What’s the benefit of having real-time goalscorer markets settled?

Goalscorer markets are notoriously time-consuming to settle due to the number of variables (e.g. did the player come off the bench before the first goal was scored, did he play at all etc.) that must be taken into account before a result can be entered. Most firms are still having to dedicate precious manual resource to this task as there isn’t a shortcut without a specialised feed like GPS. Match day squads need to be whittled down into voids, winners and losers in what can be a highly laborious task. On a busy Saturday firms won’t complete settlement until long after some of the games have finished. GPS uses a live data feed to provide full settlement for all the major leagues around Europe within minutes of a goal going in. Not only that but it also plucks out all the voids before the game starts when the final squads are announced. It is this speedy recycling of punters’ money that helps set this system apart.

Q2. First Goalscorer can be a contentious market- where do you get the data from and how accurate can it be?

As with anything there is an element of subjectivity when pricing first goalscorer markets but our experienced compilers rely on meticulously kept player statistics and in depth study of match reports. We are currently working on a new algorithm which will provide a plethora of derivative markets. For resulting, Abelson collate official match data to provide settlement, mapped to the goalscorer selections from the Super Soccer price stream. This is available for integration into the clients’ back-end system via a JSON API. Abelson are well established and trusted suppliers and their data feed is highly accurate.

Q3. Why should bookmakers outsource odds compilation and what makes it so specialised?

Outsourcing is becoming the norm throughout the industry. This is, in part, due to the vast swathes of markets now offered by online bookmakers. It is cost effective to let the traders concentrate on moving the markets without accruing the labour costs involved with producing the original prices. GPS is so popular because of the extensive league coverage and the huge labour savings it provides. It makes clear sense to let our trusted team, dedicated solely to goalscorer compilation, handle the market. We ensure that the latest transfer, injury and suspension news are worked into the price feed. Added to that expertise, the GPS gives a full settlement service and so offers a great Goalscorer Product for any Sportsbook.

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